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About Us

Kapwa Wholeness Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that aims at Transforming the lives of women and Youth, whom are struggling with the menace of substance abuse and violence related crimes due substance dependency in the community in which they live, and are still yet very important tools toward peace building, community development and making Nigeria drug free, safe and secure.

The young women and youth are the hope and custodians of peace of every society, they safeguard the hope and peace for the next generation and generations to come. When they are educated, nurtured, and protected, our communities and society will be drug free, healthy, safe, developed and secured. Therefore, investing in them by all means to stay healthy, secured, empowered and vibrant, is of paramount importance. It is also the responsibility of all institutions to offer such education, hope, empowerment and protection that these women and youth need in order to protect them from the negative consequences of illicit drugs, ill health, sexual gender violence and harmful practices of all kinds. The stage of youthfulness is being in the early stage of adulthood that comes with curiosities and doubts. It is a period of the life cycle when they are managing many complex

development tasks.

These involve significant changes in biological, physical, social, psychological, emotional, and community- related domains. To be able to understand these changes is a very challenging demand, which often come with lifelong consequences. In addition, the youth-stage is a period when youth begin to engage in high-risk behaviors. So, combining these risky behaviors with the effects of drugs can increase the vulnerability of youth to ill health and other irreversible consequences. Furthermore, most of the community conflicts, killings, banditry, kidnapping, thug-like behaviors were carried out by youth under the influence of alcohol and other drug abuse, and even under influence of drugged politicians as well.

Therefore, in order to ease the youth’s curiosities about drug use/dependency, help them attain a drug-free life, prepare them for better leaders; and encourage young women have the courage to accept themselves as created in the image of God, be confident in their capabilities and be educated so that they can reach their potentials in life. Kapwa Wholeness Foundation was established to do this life-giving task, transform, change the mindset of such communities who careless about the psychotropic drug effect on youth and the best of tomorrow.

Our Aims and Objectives

To educate the youth and women on the need for Drug Prevention, Treatment and Control) and its destructive effects.

To educate the youth that addiction is a disease, they can recover when they seek help and with the help of a high power they can be made clean and make it in life.

To inform and encourage the youth and women to see education as power and freedom, nothing can be achieved or attain in life without it.

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